Duvo+ 3 In 1 Bird Playground 38x38x40,5cm



Interactive playground
With snack holder, climbing ladder, swing and toys
Different set-ups allow hours of playing pleasure
Suitable for inside and outside of the cage
Ideal for small and medium-sized birds
The Duvo+ 3 in 1 playground can be set up in three different ways so that your bird receives constant stimulation and isn`t bored for a second. With this interactive toy, you not only build your bond with your pet but also stimulate your bird to exercise and play. The playground is light in design and can therefore be easily moved, so that your bird can also play outside of its cage. The playground is made of safe, natural wood and consists of a number of toys, a climbing ladder, a swing and a holder for snacks. Suitable for small and medium-sized birds.

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