About Wag'n'Tails Pet Shop

You know those people?

  • The ones whose phones are filled with 10,000 pictures of their pet sleeping?
  • The ones willing to chat away to an animal as if they expect an answer?
  • The ones who know their cat’s favourite flavour of kibble and which exact squeaky toy their dog will lose its mind over?

We certainly do, because we are those people.

Pet people.

Not only do we operate two pet shops, but when we go home, it’s a full house, too.

The Wag'n'Tails family currently includes a very silly dog pack of three Jack Russells, one Basenji, one Beagle and three Foxhounds.

They share us with Hans the Macaw, Flower the skunk, Percy the hedgehog, Amber the corn snake, Berta the giant rabbit, and our newest addition, Odlum the Little Owl.

Over the years, we’ve bred and shown Beagles, Jack Russells and Foxhounds to champion status, exhibited in Crufts and won best puppy in breed with our Foxhound, Valley.

She’s also the only Foxhound to have won Best in Show at the Kennel Club Championship show. We can’t help it, we’re so proud of her! We also breed and hand-raise conures, cockatiels, budgies, and other small parrot-type birds. There’s usually a nest of babies at our elbows, yelling for their tea. (Even if they’ve just had it.)

So yes, you might say we’re pet people. And we serve hundreds more just like us every day in our Loughrea and Ballinasloe pet shops. 

Give your pet the best: food, toys, treats and more.

We know exactly what it’s like to want the very best for your best friend, and that guides everything we do and everything we sell. We stock quality specialised pet food and accessories, and our selection is personalised to our customers: if we don’t have what you’re looking for, ask us and we can get it in.

We also offer free nationwide delivery!

Bring home a happy, healthy pet, We’re also the place to come if you’re looking for a new pet to brighten up your days.

At Wag'n'Tails you’ll find:

  • Hand reared birds from budgies to macaws
  • Cold water fish
  • Small mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters etc)
  • Hedgehogs
  • Tortoises

Dog grooming services in Loughrea and Ballinasloe

We offer a full grooming service which includes wash, facial, blow dry, styling, and nail clipping to most breeds of dog. We only use quality products which are 100% vegan, sulphate, paraben and silicone free.

Wag'n'Tails - your local, personal pet shop

We’re mad about pets, and we’re mad about our customers, too. Operating two small, local pet shops means that we get to know our customers and their pets well. We have time to chat and time to listen.

Most of all, we care about our fellow pet-people and the health and happiness of your animals.

We’re always happy to offer help and advice, and if we don’t have an answer we have hundreds of contacts in the industry who will. 

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