Duvo+ Clumping Cat Litter Aloe Vera 12kg



Clumping= easy cleaning
Absorbs quickly = very economical
Long-lasting odour protection thanks to the aloe vera scent
100% bentoniet, is een zeer fijne en natuurlijke korrel
99,5% dust free = clean paws


This duvoplus cat litter with aloe vera fragrance is a clump-forming cat litter and is highly absorbent. The cat litter is 100% bentonite, a fine natural clay granule. Bentonite is very economical as it can absorb 350% of its own weight in moisture. The cat litter is dust-free, ensuring that your cat’s paws always remain clean. The combination of this granule with the pleasant-smelling aloe vera fragrance ensures that bad smells are neutralised for an extended period

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