Eukanuba Puppy Small Breed Chicken 2kg




  • DHA to help puppies learn and be more trainable
  • Calcium to support bone development
  • Prebiotic FOS, MOS & beet pulp to help support healthy digestion
  • Natural sources of omega 6 & 3 for healthy skin and coat
  • Special kibble shape together with unique DentaDefense to help keep teeth clean & healthy

Eukanuba dry food kibbles are rich in fresh chicken and perfect for puppies of small sized breeds aged from 1 to 12 months. The selected ingredients provide tailored nutrition to support your puppy's growth and development. Eukanuba dry food contains DHA to stimulate puppies to learn and be more trainable as well as calcium which is favourable for bone development. The tailored fibre blend of prebiotic FOS, MOS & beet pulp promote healthy digestion. The Eukanuba kibbles are furthermore beneficial for healthy skin and a shiny coat thanks to the natural sources of omega 6 and omega 3. Additionally, the unique Eukanuba hexagonal kibbles and DentaDefense dental care system support clean, healthy teeth in the long term. The food is 100% complete and balanced. Advanced nutrition for puppies of small sized breeds to support optimal body condition and lifelong wellbeing.


Dried chicken and turkey (28% including chicken 17%, a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and taurine), fresh chicken (15%), maize, poultry fat, wheat, fish meal (a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids), rice, barley, dried beet pulp (3.5%), chicken gravy, dried whole egg, minerals (including sodium hexametaphosphate 0.35%), fish oil (a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids), fructooligosaccharides (0.38%, a natural prebiotic), brewer's dried yeast (a natural source of B-vitamins and selenium), mannanoligosaccharides (a natural prebiotic).

Nutrients Percent
Fat Content 21%
Omega-6 fatty acids 4%
Omega-3 fatty acids 0.86%
Crude ash 6.4%
Crude fibre 1.8%
Calcium 1.28%
Phosphorus 1.12%
DHA 0.18%

Additives: *(/kg) 
Vitamins: vitamin A 46367IU, vitamin C 58mg, vitamin D₃ 1539IU, vitamin E 258mg, beta-carotene 5.1mg. Trace elements: copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate (copper) 9mg, potassium iodide (iodine) 1.2mg, manganous sulphate monohydrate (manganese) 4.2mg, zinc oxide (zinc) 105mg. Antioxidants: (natural) tocopherol extracts from vegetable oil 97mg. Flavouring compounds: organic rosemary extract 38mg, tea extract 19mg.

*Supplemented levels added at time of manufacture.


Feeding (grams/day) Feeding (grams/day) Feeding (grams/day) Feeding (grams/day)
Size and age of puppy 1-3 months 3-4 months 5-7 months 8-12 months
0.5kg 60g 55g
1kg 95g 90g 55g
2kg 150g 140g 90g 50g
3kg 195g 185g 120g 65g
4kg 225g 145g 75g
5kg 165g 90g
6kg 190g 100g
7kg 210g 110g
8kg 230g 120g
9kg 245g 130g
10kg 140g
12kg 158g

The following values are rough guidelines. Actual requirements may vary. Please adjust your dog's feeding amounts to maintain ideal body weight.


Small Breeds:

Eukanuba Puppy Small Breed 0-12 months

Eukanuba Adult Small Breed 12 months - 8 years

Eukanuba Mature Large Breed 8-11 years

Eukanuba Senior Large Breed 11 years +

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