EXPERT Egg Food Original

Size: 1kg


Complementary ready to use moist power food according to original recipe for all seed-eating birds

Witte Molen Eggfood Moist is an eggfood with a high acceptation among different bird species. With added amino acids to efficiently fulfil the protein demand. This eggfood can be directly provided, but also easily mixes with other sorts of eggfood or with for instance soakseed.

  • High acceptation
  • With added amino acids
  • Ready to use
  • Ideal during the breeding season
  • Contributes to an optimal growth and feather composition.
  • Composition
    Bakery products, sugar, oils & fats, grains, seeds, minerals, yeast & egg products
    • Crude protein 12,03 %
    • Crude fat 10,92 %
    • Crude fibre 2,02 %
    • Crude ash 2,7 %
    • Calcium 1,2 g/kg
    • Phosphorus 2,7 g/kg
    • Sodium 6,12 g/kg
    • Magnesium ,02 g/kg

    Eggfood may be given all year round (in moderation), but especially in the breeding season (25% of the total daily food requirement). Make sure that the birds are not too fat during the rest period.

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