Duvo+ Fitpet



Registers steps, calories, distance and training time
Stores information for 7 days
Set parameters: time, type of animal, weight and length
With battery indicator display
Keep an eye on your pet`s health
The handy duvoplus Fitpet will help you to monitor your pet's health. It is important for dogs and cats to get enough exercise so that they stay fit and healthy and do not become overweight. This clever multifunctional activity tracker registers the number of steps taken, calories consumed, distance and training times of your pet. It can store the information for seven days. This will give you useful insight into your pet's behaviour and allows you to make sure that your pet is taking enough exercise. The Fitpet is user-friendly and simple to set up. You can set parameters for the type of animal, weight and length. You can also see the time and the remaining battery on the display.

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