Gain Record Breaker 15kg



Record Breaker

GAIN Record Breaker is a complete diet, formulated specifically for greyhounds.


Product Features

  • Top Quality Protein: Chicken-rich formulation, with Salmon and eggs, provides a superior amino acid balance for maximum athletic performance, without the need for fresh meat.
  • Muscle Development & Strength: High quality proteins, fats and other essential nutrients help maximise muscle function for extra strength and endurance.
  • Natural Immunity & Fast Recovery: Unique blend of Essential Vitamins, Protected Minerals*, Antioxidants and Electrolytes for fast recovery after racing. *(chelated minerals for increased absorption).
  • Bone Strength Technology: TruCal provides readily available milk calcium & phosphorous for strong bones. Panbonis herbal-active Vitamin D3 helps strenthen bones by improving bone mineralisation.
  • Skin, Coat and Joint Care: Omega-3-enriched precise blend of Omega oils, Glucosamine and MSM.
  • Good Digestion: Soluble fibres plus FOS (Prebiotic) gives small dry stools with reduced odour.

Instructions for use

Adjust the above feeding guide depending on workload, external conditions, and individual variation, always ensuring that your dog maintains its optimum body weight. If you feed GAIN Record Breaker as part of a home-mix of meat and other ingredients, always ensure that the diet is fully balanced. Feed once or twice a day, dry or moistened as preferred. Provide clean drinking water at all times. Make all diet changes gradually over a 7-10 day period. Store in a cool dry place.



Fresh Chicken (min 22%), Dried Chicken (min 22%), Rice, Wholegrain Maize, Maize gluten meal, Poultry fat, Sugar beet pulp (min 4%), Chicken liver digest, Fish meal (min 2%), Fish oil, Linseed (flaxseed), Egg dried (min 1%), Minerals, Brewers yeast dried, Sodium chloride, TruCal milk mineral complex (200mg/kg), Oligofructose dried FOS (300mg/kg), Glucosamine HCl (300mg/kg), Methylsulphonylmethane (300mg/kg MSM), Solanum glaucophyllum leaves dried (Panbonis), Products from processing of plants.

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