HabiStat Tortoise Table Accessory Kit



-The HabiStat Tortoise Table Accessory Kit contains everything required to complete your setup for a tortoise table including all UV lighting heating and accessories. Once your Tortoise Table is built Tortoise bedding added simply set up the HabiStat Tortoise Table Accessory Kit and then add the Tortoise! This easy-to-set up this kit contains: Arcadia Reflector Clamp Lamp with Ceramic holder (E27 20cm) Arcadia 2nd Generation UV Basking Lamp HabiStat Thermometer HabiStat Tortoise Pools Small & Medium) Arcadia Earth Pro Ca 100g Arcadia Earth Pro-A 100g HabiStat Bactericidal Cleaner (standard ready-to-use spray 250ml) and Arcadia Earth Pro Flower Boost 60g. Full instructions are enclosed within the kit. Recommended for use HabiStat Tortoise Tables (our codes RT318 & RT319).


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