Nobby Sniffing Mat 200 g




Sniff Mat

  • non-slip
  • 100% polyester
  • 30°C machine wash
  • Plastic plate prevents the mat from bunching up

The Nobby sniffing mat is an active toy that mentally challenges and keeps the dog or cat busy. With the help of its mouth and paws, the animal can carve out small rewards from the different lengths of strips of fabric on the mat. This playful way of foraging for food has a positive effect on the behavior of the animal and can make it more balanced and content. In addition, the mat can also be used as an anti-snagging mat for dogs and ensures natural slow feeding. The fabric strips of the mat are made of 100% polyester. A removable plastic plate prevents the mat from bunching up while playing. In addition, the mat has anti-slip nubs on the bottom and should (without the plate) be machine washed regularly at 30°C.

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