Viking Antler Easy XL



Red deer antlers for dogs - also known as ANTLER EASY - of PREMIUM quality!
The Viking Chews Antlers Easy are pieces of red deer antlers specifically for dogs to satisfy their natural need to chew. Easy stands for the lengthwise saw-cut parts, so that the delicious centre of the antlers is immediately available for the dog to chew on. 

Dogs have a natural need to chew. They use them to keep their teeth clean, and at the same time, they produce the substance endorphins in the brain. 
The red deer antlers from Viking Chews come from Europe and are 100% pure, durable and natural. After the mating season, they are released from the male deer and fall to the ground. 
They are collected and then cleaned for 70 minutes under hot steam of no less than 120 degrees. The red deer antler are then sawn to size and polished with great care so that they no longer have any sharp edges and result in a safe, premium-quality chew for dogs! 

The Viking Chew Antlers are attractive to dogs because of their tasty and natural smell. Their teeth are cleaned because during chewing, the plaque is scraped off by the antlers. The Antlers do not contain additives and are rich in minerals.  


  • DURABLE - They last much longer than regular chew bars, wooden bones, rawhide etc. 
  • SAFE - The unique way of cleaning and polishing creates a premium chew for a dog. 
    The antlers of the red deer are known not to splinter. 
  • HEALTHY - Contains many natural nutrients and minerals and is very rich in calcium. 
    Due to the unique method of production, Viking Chews' red deer antlers are free of chemicals. It also contributes to healthy jaws and gums and cleans the teeth. 
  • NATURAL SCENT - Unique way of cleaning reinforces the authentic taste and smell of the antlers. 
  • 100% NATURAL PRODUCT - Responsibly and naturally harvested, and no chemicals are used to clean the antlers, unlike many other antlers. 
  • GREAT FOR STRONG CHEWERS - Particularly the antlers of the RED DEER are known for their durability and safety to provide as a chew for dogs!
  • MARROW IS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE - Because the Viking Chews Antlers EASY are sawn lengthwise, dogs can immediately reach the delicious marrow that is in the middle of the red deer's antlers!   

The Viking Antlers Hard are suitable for 

  • All dogs with a need to chew;
  • Young dogs during teething stages;
  • Older, smaller or picky dogs; 
  • Perfect for dogs that are sensitive to food allergies or dogs who have poor digestion;
  • Dogs that are overweight, chewing the Antlers reduces the feeling of hunger.

Analytical constituents
Crude ash 55%, crude protein 37%, crude fibre 2%, crude fat 0,1%, moisture 9%, calcium 21%, phosphorus 8%, iron 195 mg/kg, magnesium 5240 mg/kg.

Provide as a snack or reward. 
Natural material. The antlers often have a different colour and shape. Sizes may vary. 
Use only under supervision. Remove antlers when they become too small and can be swallowed.

M - suitable for dogs from 8 - 20 kg
L - suitable for dogs weighing 15 - 35 kg
XL - suitalbe for dogs weighing 30 kg and over

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