Viking whole Horn L



Viking Whole Horn

This horn originates from special, responsibly rared type of cattle. The horn lasts extra long, so guarantees long play and chew fun.
This horn helps to clean the teeth and massages the gums. Biologically and tasty, irresistible to every dog!

  • Lasts extra long
  • Helps to clean the teeth 
  • 100% natural fibre
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Free of additives and preservatives

S - VIKI02 (ca. 12 x 5 cm) =  for dogs from 1 up to 4 kgs
M - VIKI03 (ca. 14 x 5 cm) = for dogs from 3 up to 8 kgs
L - VIKI04 (ca. 16 x 6 cm) = for dogs from 5 up to 15 kgs

Attention: Playing and chewing under supervision! 

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